Teaming with airPHX, Cannabis Rex provides the most effective cleaning for grows. Using low levels of Reactive Oxygen Species such as Hydrogen Peroxide gas, you can kill mold, mildew, and yeast, with the flip of a switch.

Don't be fooled by UV lights, PCO filters, ozone genearators, or HEPA technology.  Each of these methods has drawbacks in effectiveness, safety or operational expenses.

Independent testing has show The Decontaminator to be effective, safe, and easy to use.

About Cannabis Rex
Frequent spraying of chemicals can stunt bud growth and cause product recalls. You don't have to worry about that with Cannabis Rex.  Our highly calibrated devices kill germs in the air and on the surfaces of buds and leaves without chemicals. 
As long as you have air flow, your buds are safe from mold!


Organic process creates ROS out of thin air, essentially lightning in a bottle. No chemicals are required for this deep clean. 

Continuous treatment


Cannabis Rex works 24-7 to keep your plants clean of molds and mildews. Treat plants in the veg, bud, and curing stages of the cannabis life cycle.



Devices draw less power than a 100W light bulb, and can significantly reduce operational expenses.



Cannabis Rex produces safe levels of oxygen species such as gaseous hydrogen peroxide. Unlike an ozone generator, our devices won't harm your plants or staff



"When I first heard of Cannabis Rex, I thought it sounded like snake oil,

but after using the system and seeing the results, I'm a believer!"

-Roger, Lead Grower at De Terra

"Two of my flower rooms are showing virtually no signs of PM, and my plants seem healthier and stronger"

-Lead grower of a Colorado Facility (under NDA)

At Cannabis Rex, we are committed to providing the cleanest environments for cannabis grow spaces. In that pursuit, we have tested ROS technology with the USDA to confirm its efficacy on fruit and flowering plants.

These apples were infected with a small sample of Botrytis Cinerea.  The apples on the left were untreated and began to rot.  The apples on the right were exposed to ROS technology.

We have done extensive testing within the cannabis industry to show a reduction of Botrytis Cinerea, Powdery Mildew, Yeast, and E. Coli microbes and spores by more than 70%.

For a full summary of our case studies in cannabis grow spaces, please contact us.


Reactive Oxygen Species

What are Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)?

ROS is a term for reactive molecules that contain oxygen.  The most famous (infamous) of these ROS is ozone, but by producing a full spectrum of ROS, Cannabis Rex gets most of its cleaning power from Hydrogen Peroxide, Atomic Oxygen, Peroxynitrite, and other, safer oxygen species.  These reactive molecules seek and destroy mold spores in the air and on surfaces.

How Does it Work?

Cannabis Rex draws air into a Decontaminator unit with a turbine.  That air passes through a high voltage component made of glass and steel mesh. The oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other airborne gasses are chemically recombined into ROS.  These chemically reactive molecules kill microscopic germs and keep your buds safe.

Is it safe?

In large doses, ozone can certainly pose a danger.  Cannabis Rex produces a full spectrum of ROS, so the individual levels of each type is low. Hydrogen peroxide does the bulk of the cleaning, and we maintain levels of all ROS to keep well below O.S.H.A. guidelines. Cannabis Rex ROS is safe for your plants and your staff.


Because dead powdery mildew and mold spores do not stick to buds and leaves as well as live spores, there will be a slight increase in dust in your space. Accordingly, we recommend using a dust mask or respirator when trimming or harvesting leaves and buds.



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